Lead Capturing for Landscaping Businesses


Many landscaping companies have a website where potential customers can find out information about services, but the website is often used as an online brochure only. In the cooler months, you need a way to capture leads for your landscaping business, so you can have work through the slower months. This can be done by generating leads and having a service to handle those calls 24 hours a day.

The Services You Offer

It’s hard to attract customers to your landscaping business in the busy season. Lead generation in the slow, cool months can be twice as difficult. Customers need a reason to contact you in the winter, which means offering services during those months and allowing a lead generation service from AnswerHero to help turn those potential customers into leads.

Outdoor lighting is a great service to offer customers in the slow months. Whether it’s installation or maintenance, outdoor lighting can be a terrific option to offer your customers. When they call to find out more about the services, we can be there to turn those leads into profit for your company.

Why Lighting in the Winter?

Landscape lighting can absolutely transform a great landscaped yard into a beautiful and safer yard at night. It can highlight moments in the yard as well as light the walkway for your guests. If you’re in an area that gets a light coating of snow, outdoor lighting can turn the home into a winter wonderland full of magic.

Along with creating a beautiful yard, outdoor lighting can create a safer home where people won’t slip on the driveway or walkway and thieves won’t be tempted by a darkened home.

When potential customers call about your lighting service, we’ll be able to handle their phone calls whether they speak English or Spanish with our bilingual team of operators.

AnswerHero can provide lead capture services for your landscaping company throughout the year.