24/7 Call Answering for Sport Complexes

Sports complexes and stadiums have some of the most dedicated customers. Whether they are hosting a game or a concert, they need to be prepared to answer a wide range of questions from fans. Many of these inquiries are quick, but the sheer amount of them can be overwhelming. Working with a professional call answering service can help you handle all of your guests and focus more on the event itself. If you are looking to improve your customer satisfaction quickly and effectively, use this guide to learn more about the benefits of AnswerHero.

Communicate with More Customers

At AnswerHero, call representatives are trained to handle a wide range of people and situations. Bilingual phone services allow you to communicate with guests in both English and Spanish. This also allows you to increase understanding and provide accurate information directly to the customer. Our goal is to be able to handle as many inquiries as possible, but still make each caller feel welcome and satisfied.

24-Hour Services Make You Available After Hours

Event promotions don’t always reach people between the hours of 9 and 5. Expanding your customer service hours means you are able to expand your marketing. Your sports complex could air an advertisement after the big game and still have the support to handle callers. Fewer restrictions mean more opportunities to satisfy customers.

AnswerHero Provides Practical Call Center Solutions

Investing in a call service shouldn’t be a big financial decision. AnswerHero works to provide practical, affordable solutions to companies of all sizes. There are no contracts or set-up fees, so you will always have a clear idea of service costs.

AnswerHero also keeps you informed about customers so you can make accurate business decisions. You’ll receive a free summary report so you can see all the services we perform. Call routing and transfer services also allow you to easily escalate situations as needed. AnswerHero truly is an all-purpose customer service solution for sports complexes.

To learn more about the benefits of AnswerHero, please contact one of our representatives today.