Most Popular ‘Extras’ From Answering Services

Even though many call centers offer a wide range of basic services including call handling and support after hours for order entry and web applications, this piece includes the four most popular and most requested “extras” from answering services by the clients who use them.

Telephone Answering Services

It should not surprise anyone that having virtual receptionists answer your phone is the most requested service from call centers.  However, the majority of answering services offer several additional features besides just taking the message.  They can record incoming calls, answer and handle calls based specifically on your provided instructions, and even provide wake-up calls.

Bilingual Answering Services

Another highly requested service from clients of call centers is bilingual receptionists.  Throughout many states — particularly in Arizona, California, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas — there is an ever-growing demand for answering services staffed with agents who can communicate fluently in both Spanish and English, as many companies in these states have a large base of Spanish-speaking customers.

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Taking Orders for Services and Merchandise

Services that take orders are not limited to large catalog businesses or popular infomercials. Many companies use order-taking as a way of sending information and brochures about their products, and smaller businesses limited to a few products may not be able to afford to take the orders themselves.  When including payment processing along with order taking, getting your products and information in front of the public becomes much easier and more efficient.

Servicing Customers Properly

Regardless of which types of calls virtual receptionists take, at the top-level call centers, all agents are trained to be courteous, helpful, and professional to all customers.  Great customer service should come naturally at answering service centers, and this skill is vital to businesses striving to maintain great relationships with all of their customers and clients.

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