How to Be a Good Receptionist

Are you trying to land a new job as a receptionist? Do you know which skills for receptionist are vital for this position? Maybe you’re looking to hire one, but you’re not exactly sure what to look for? 

Whether big or small, every business that wants to look professional needs to have a receptionist. Essentially, a receptionist is the face of a business. First impressions are gained by initial contact, and it is the job of the receptionist which makes sure that it’s a lasting impression. But greeting clients and giving out relevant information is just the tip of the iceberg. The typical duties of a receptionist are much broader and require a unique set of skills to be completed successfully.

Today, we are going to tackle the topic of how to become a receptionist and why it can be a rewarding career path.

What are the Typical Duties of a Receptionist

The typical duties of a receptionist may vary depending on the company needs and the general organization of the working environment. Most companies will require that the receptionist duties and responsibilities include:

  • Greeting clients, both face-to-face and over the phone
  • Managing call traffic
  • Scheduling appointments and managing the company’s main calendar
  • Taking messages in a friendly and professional manner 
  • Assisting with administrative tasks
  • Conduct research for company projects
  • Data entry

These are just a few of the main tasks that a receptionist needs to handle in a working environment. In order to be successful, the individual will need to have the required skills and personality traits. Remember that most of these skills apply to both in-house and virtual receptionists. An exceptional virtual receptionist can be a reliable and affordable option for smaller businesses, but in order to become one or hire one, you’ll need to understand what it takes to be successful in this job position. We will cover this next.

Skills Needed to Be a Receptionist

There is a particular set of skills that distinguishes a good receptionist from a bad one. These skills are mostly tied to an individual’s ability to multitask, organize, and communicate. Let’s dive a little bit deeper and assess each of these skill sets outlined in the job description of a receptionist.

Organizational Abilities

People with a great sense of organization are built for the job of receptionist. They have an innate capacity for keeping everything in order even when under a considerable amount of stress. They develop a record-keeping system (or adopt an existing one) that lets them stay systematic and efficient even when they encounter unexpected situations. Having the ability to access a file or find a phone number in the heat of the moment is critical to being a good receptionist and a valuable asset to a company.

Keeping a tidy workspace, setting up calendars, and prioritizing tasks are all good traits for the job of a receptionist.

Decision-making skills are also an advantage when it comes to being a receptionist. While making decisions regarding company affairs is mostly done by the CEO, there will be situations when the person in charge is not available, and the client needs a solution right away. In these situations, the receptionist needs to make the decision that will keep the client happy and be in tune with the company’s policies.

Multitasking Efficiently

Receptionists are counted on to handle multiple responsibilities at the same time. While this may sound overwhelming to some, exceptional receptionists thrive in these situations with a smile on their faces. Maintaining a steady workflow while simultaneously answering client calls, managing call routing, giving out crucial information, keeping track of daily duties and important meetings – these are typical everyday situations, but multitasking can become easier as the individual gets more familiar with his working environment and establishes a routine.

While smaller businesses might not have the daily pressure that bigger businesses have, receptionists working for smaller companies are often given even broader responsibilities that might include administrative tasks, online research, and assisting on projects of great importance. 

Multitasking can be straining for a receptionist, but maintaining a cool and calm demeanor is crucial in these situations. Even when facing difficult clients, the receptionist needs to be professional and remain calm. This is why even if an individual is hardworking and competent, his temper might be holding him back from becoming a successful receptionist.

Receptionist Multitasking Efficiently

Communication Capabilities

Communication skills are among the most in-demand skills when it comes to customer service in general. It’s safe to say they carry even greater importance when it comes to a receptionist job description, specifically the skills and abilities. A talented receptionist will have a high emotional IQ, allowing him to communicate efficiently with both clients and colleagues. Personality traits such as agreeableness are among the top criteria for employers looking to hire a new receptionist. Being sympathetic and cooperative is vital in order to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that the client is happy. 

Interpersonal skills are also considered one of the top qualities of a receptionist and are required to fill the receptionist job description. These soft skills will ensure that the receptionist can get along with coworkers, managers, and vendors, consequently making the business run smoothly. 

These are, in our opinion, the main requirements for becoming a successful receptionist. What skills do you feel are important? Do you agree with our points?

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