4 Reasons to Dump Your Voicemail

Here are 4 reasons to leave your voicemail behind so you can capture more leads and convert more customers.

“Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice message system, please leave a message after the tone.” 8 out of 10 callers will not leave a voicemail. Congratulations, you just lost 80% of potential sales!

We live in a world of instant gratification. The moment that experience is disrupted we run away and find the next best thing that will give us what we are looking for. In the example above, your customers are running to your competitors because you didn’t pick up the phone.

Reason 1: Coca-Cola Did It

In a memo made by Coca-Cola’s CIO, Edmund Steinike, the company dumped their voicemail “to simplify the way we work and increase productivity.” It makes sense!  You spend time hiring and training your employees so they can help you grow your business. Every minute they dedicate to answering the phones and checking voicemails is time taken away from what they do best.

It’s time to start valuing your employee’s time as an invaluable resource and have your phone calls answered by an answering service. AnswerHero live agents are fully bilingual, will take messages, qualify your leads, and forward calls to the right member of your team.

Reason 2: Your Customers Won’t Leave a Voicemail

8 out of 10 customers will not leave a voicemail. If your callers are calling your business, they are in clear need of your service or products. If you don’t pick up your phone you can’t give them what they want. Naturally, they call your competitor and you lose their business. It’s that simple.

Reason 3: Callers Want to Talk to a Human Being

“Speak to a representative.” It’s our go-to phrase when calling a business with an automated phone system. Why? Because we want to talk to a human. Speaking to a live person provides an element of reliability. Live agents know why the caller is calling, they speak to the caller in a relatable manner and give the caller a solution to their problem. It’s easier, it’s faster, and gives the caller peace of mind that their situation was handled.

Reason 4: Increase Your Sales

Simple math question:

SCENARIO 1: 10 callers call your business, they are all sent to voicemail. Only 2 leave a voicemail. How many potential leads do you have…2! Great!

SCENARIO 2: Now let’s say those same 10 callers call your business, but instead immediately speak to an AnswerHero live agent who represents your business. All 10 callers provide name, call back number and email OR are patched directly to your team. How many leads do you have now…10!

10 leads are better than 2. Dump your voicemail and let us answer your phones.

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