Seven Tasks You Don’t Have To Do Yourself

Ideally, the majority of our workday should revolve around utilizing our brightest talents and skills. Using our time in a less-than-optimal way can be costly over time, not just personally, but financially for the business we are working in too.

Though this goal of moving work to others may seem to some people like it is a little too lofty, in actuality, you have more opportunities to outsource those office duties that you find tedious and time-consuming than you may have thought. You can do also do so at a cheaper price than you thought possible. A simple shift can dramatically increase productivity at your business.

There are three general criteria you should use when determining whether or not you should outsource a task or duty:

  1. First, are you procrastinating on starting or completing a task?  If so, you might actually lack the skills, resources, and/or knowledge to finish the work.
  2. Do you dread the task?  If so, you obviously would rather not do it.  Also, you are not as likely to do the task to the best of your ability.
  3. Are you great at the task?  If not, chances are you should look for an expert that specializes in this work.  If this is a task you show the talent and ability to complete, outsource what you do poorly so you have more time to work on what you have the skills to do.
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The following are some tasks companies successfully outsource to gain back the time to focus on what they are in business to do:

  1. Coordination of Appointments, Logistics, and Reservations
  2. Answering the Phone
  3. Completing and Compiling Research
  4. Preparing Digital and Graphic Design Presentations
  5. Dropping off Dry-Cleaning, Putting Furniture Together, and numerous other tasks that must be done in person.
  6. Buying groceries online ahead of time and having them delivered to your door.
  7. Paying someone to cook your meals.

AnswerHero has helped many individuals and companies take back their time and focus to do what they do best. If you think that your time or your employees’ time is best spent answering phones, taking messages routing calls, or making appointments and if they are available 24/7 and speak both English and Spanish then you might not have a need for our services. If however, you want to learn more, please contact us today or view our plans and pricing.

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