5 Tips How to Keep Employees Happy and Motivated

5 Tips How to Keep Employees Happy and Motivated

Keeping employees motivated, satisfied, and happy at their job is instrumental in taking your company to the next level and reaching its full potential. A happy team can get more stuff done at an efficient pace, all while representing your brand in the best of light. Your goal as a CEO, staff manager, or company owner should always be to do everything in your power to ensure your staff is comfortable, motivated, and eager to work for you. How to go about doing this depends on the size of your company, number of employees, the industry your company is in, and many other factors. Nevertheless, there are a couple of universal tips you can follow in order to reach optimal employee satisfaction levels.

This article will help you do exactly that by teaching you 5 ways to keep employees motivated and happy.

1) Figure Out What Drives Your Employees 

Never assume all employees are cut from the same cloth. While some are inherently ambitious, others might need a small push or guidance in order to achieve their potential. Some are action-oriented naturally, while others might be more introverted. Some are independent, while others shine in a group environment. There are dozens of motivation factors for employees, and it’s your job to apply those that work for your team specifically. Your first goal should be to figure out what makes them tick, especially if you have a smaller team. Get to know them, gain some insight into their backgrounds, and even ask them directly what motivates them. Set some ground rules but never attempt to create a homogenized workforce.

2) Explore Different Types of Reward Programs

Explore the idea of implementing a solid rewards program. Employees that go out of their way to reach their goals, are always trying to be helpful to your customers, and are great team players, should know you appreciate them in some way. Having a rewards program in place will entice more staff members to give it their best and put maximum effort into what they are doing. Aside from rewarding a great work ethic, you should consider giving gifts to your team on major holidays and corporate milestones. Giving out small tokens of appreciation on such occasions is a great way to let your employees know they are a welcome part of your team and that your company would not be where it is today without them.

3) Create a Positive Environment

Create a Positive Environment

This is easier said than done as working environments tend to be stressful, especially when deadlines need to be met. However, it’s your job as the leader of the team to recognize opportunities where you can deflate stress, anxiety, and frustration that comes with working in a highly competitive environment. Sure, having a separate rest area where employees can relax during their break is great, but everybody knows that. The key here is to be approachable and supportive. Make an effort to find the time in your schedule to take a short stroll around your office and have a chat with everyone individually. Employees who feel like they can talk to their superior about everything will feel valued and appreciated. Removing some of the stress from the working environment will allow your employees to be more productive, creative, and, most importantly, more efficient.

4) Emphasize Teamwork

Building trust will build loyalty. Let your employees know they can trust you and that you are a single unit. Promoting teamwork on every chance you get will solidify a core of employees that feel as they are truly a part of something bigger than just a company they work for. It will make them care more for their own success, but even more important, for the success of the company.

5) But Don’t Forget the Individual

A team is the backbone of every successful company, there’s no doubt about it. However, no one wants to feel like just another screw in a machine, even if it’s running very smoothly and effectively. Letting your employees know you value them as individuals and understand their personal needs is one of the most important employee motivational factors to consider when trying to improve your staff. Never forget that you’re dealing with human beings here, so taking an interest in their personal goals and aspirations will empower your employees as individuals. Encourage them to express themselves, and they will thank you for it by doing a great job!

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