Small Business and Start-Ups Can Save Money with Answering Services

More and more businesses are learning about the huge advantages of utilizing a call answering service over hiring a secretary or receptionist.

Finding the right individual for the
job is a challenge, compensating them enough to retain them is a further challenge and add to that benefits such as health insurance, sick leave, and time off and it’s easy to see how hiring a receptionist can be a difficult decision.

Luckily there’s an answer. For businesses that are growing and who may not have the resources to employ someone full- or even part-time, there’s another option. Use a call answering service or virtual receptionist to help you grow. This gives you the benefit of help and a professional image while allowing you the opportunity to use your money where it makes the most sense in this particular phase of your business development.

With AnswerHero, you only have to pay a monthly plan of $79 (starting price), potentially saving your company hundreds of dollars a month over the cost of a receptionist.

There are no complicated contracts, there are no setup fees and there are no holiday fees with AnswerHero.

The payment plan is straightforward and easy to understand. You will be receiving first-class services that can in effect act as a receptionist or secretary for your business.

AnswerHero offers benefits such as Bilingual Call Answering for Spanish speakers, Urgent Call Answering, RSVP Services, Appointment Setting, and Call Routing and transfer. Some of our most important services including 24 24-hour answering and Message Taking, ensuring that your organization will never miss an important phone call. A service center like AnswerHero allows your business to expand and grow. The less time you spend managing the staff or worrying about incoming calls, the more energy you can spend doing what you do best.