Are Traditional Receptionists Being Replaced by Virtual Receptionists?

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Although traditional receptionists have been around forever, today more and more businesses are opting to hire virtual receptionists instead. Industries are becoming more aware of the benefits of hiring virtual workers.

So what do virtual receptionists do? They play a very similar role to traditional receptionists. They answer urgent calls, take messages, organize schedules, and handle customers with care and professionalism. The main difference between a virtual receptionist and a traditional receptionist is that they work online, not physically in the client’s office. Thanks to the growth of the internet and technology, many tasks can now be performed remotely, either by phone or online. Another difference is that receptionists are independent contract workers, meaning they don’t need the same amount of commitment that a full-time employee requires.


Traditional Reception

The biggest advantage of having a traditional, full-time receptionist is that they are able to perform physical tasks around the office. They can run simple errands like grabbing coffee, perform file work, manage the office and keep things tidy. Some people will argue that traditional receptionists add a personal touch because it is nice to have a person physically greet clients when they walk in.

The big disadvantage to having a traditional receptionist is the cost. It’s expensive to employ a worker from 9 to 5, with salary, benefits and paid leave. Traditional receptionists also won’t be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There might also be times that they can’t work and then you are stuck trying to get someone to cover for them.


Virtual Reception—The Perfect Solution

You might not have a receptionist yet. Using a virtual receptionist will lend your business credibility. You might already have one or more receptionists. Hiring a virtual receptionist for those times that your regular staff is unable to answer the phones makes perfect business sense.

There will always be someone to cover a work shift, even during odd hours and holidays. That means no missed calls, no missed leads, and no frustrated customers who decide to turn to your competition when your business isn’t available.

Hiring virtual receptionists will also save you money. Instead of paying a full-time salary, you will be paying a monthly plan for the virtual office that works for you. An organization like AnswerHero offers simple, upfront pricing for its plans.

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