Veterinarians Benefit From Virtual Receptionists

Your patients love their pets. When a medical emergency with a beloved animal arises, they want to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. Even in the middle of the night, worried pet parents want the ability to call their vet office and talk to a real person.

Overnight Veterinary Calls

Not every midnight call is actually a medical emergency. You care about your animal patients, but you also need your downtime. In the middle of the night, AnswerHero should be your clients’ first point of contact. Emergencies and Non-emergencies
Pros know that some situations–such as eye injuries, choking and severe bleeding–need immediate attention. Broken bones and seizures also require emergency services. Other, less serious animal care problems, however, can wait until morning.

Professional Overnight Receptionist Services

Instead of fielding these middle-of-the-night calls yourself, let AnswerHero’s virtual receptionists answer the phone for you. Our professional virtual assistants understand the difference between true emergencies and minor medical inconveniences.

With 24/7/365 service, we’re always there to lend a sympathetic ear, direct clients to appropriate next steps and alert your staff to true medical crises.

How We Handle Urgent Calls

Our all-night answering service is there for your human clients and their animal companions whenever a need arises. Our team has the expertise to handle urgent call answering with professional care and compassion.

When an issue can wait until morning, we’ll provide a listening ear so that your clients will know that they’ve been heard. This will help them rest easy until your office opens in the morning. Thanks to our message-taking services, you’ll receive all of the pertinent details.

And for the times when a pet does need immediate medical care? We have the tools to put you in touch with the owner. With call routing and transfer services, we can easily get your on-call vet on the phone with your client.

Check out how our affordable 24-hour answering service with simple upfront pricing can provide you and your client round-the-clock peace of mind. See our pricing plans here or contact us today!