Travel Agencies Benefit from 24/7 Virtual Receptionists

When you have a travel agency, letting calls go unanswered can be detrimental to your business. Whether it’s a new client who wants to book an exciting vacation or it’s a current customer who needs to make a last-minute change to their itinerary, making sure that every call is answered promptly and professionally is an excellent way to ensure the very best in customer satisfaction.

How can a virtual receptionist help a travel agency run more efficiently?

A trained virtual receptionist can provide a variety of duties, including routing calls, setting appointments, and taking messages. A trained virtual receptionist can provide the services you need to keep your business on track. Of course, with 24/7 call answering and a professional bilingual receptionist, you’ll be able to provide your customers with exceptional service.

Some of the quality services you’ll receive with AnswerHero include the following:

• A professional 24-hour answering service. See More.
• A live receptionist who can communicate in English and Spanish.
• A highly-trained receptionist who can answer calls and take messages as needed.
• Call routing and transfer according to your directions.

Why Choose AnswerHero for Your Virtual Receptionist

It’s certainly important that your customers receive the very best service possible, but there is no way you can be in your office 24/7. Even during the day, hiring a full-time receptionist to pick up calls when you’re on the phone or meeting with clients can get expensive. Fortunately, AnswerHero can help you save money.

The cost of a virtual receptionist is much more affordable than hiring another employee, yet you’ll still get the benefits of a trained receptionist. At AnswerHero, we also offer several important benefits that will help keep your office running smoothly. For example, we don’t want there to be any surprises, so we offer complete up-front pricing as well as no setup fees, a free local phone number, and free email, SMS text, and fax delivery.

When you’re ready to take your travel agency to the next level, let AnswerHero show you how we can help. Our experienced staff will provide a 24-hour answering service, and every call will be answered quickly and professionally.