Live Call Answering Services for Massage Therapists

As a massage therapist, you seek to create a tranquil environment for your clients. When the lights are turned low and the music is playing softly, the last thing that a client wants is for the peace to be interrupted by a phone call.

When you’re giving a massage, you’ll turn off your phone’s ringer. You certainly shouldn’t answer it while working with a client. But what if a client calls to cancel or reschedule an appointment or if a potential client calls with questions? People don’t like leaving voicemails. Talking to a real person always trumps leaving a voicemail.

Fortunately, AnswerHero’s expert, friendly team members can be your answering service and take your calls.

Pricing and Plans

The Next Best Thing for You

Who can you trust to answer your phones when you are not available? You can rely on AnswerHero, the dependable virtual receptionist service. Our representatives can:

  • Book appointments: We use your calendar to schedule appointments that work for you. You’ll never have to worry that you’re missing out on scheduling clients because you’re away from the phone.
  • Answer questions: Our team gets to know your business so we can provide accurate, reliable answers to your callers’ questions.
  • Take messages: If a caller does need to speak with you, we can take a message and get it to you through free SMS text, email or fax delivery.

The Best Answering Service for Your Needs

Many answering services will take a message while you’re out, but at AnswerHero, we pride ourselves on offering a higher caliber of services. Our team is:

  • There for you 24/7/365: At any time of the day or night, we answer calls with a live, customized greeting, and we never charge a premium for nights, weekends or holidays.
  • Fully bilingual: We help callers in both Spanish and English.
  • Affordable: Our simple pricing structure has options for both independent start-ups and large offices with multiple therapists.

As a massage therapist, your hands are vital to your business. While your hands are busy serving clients, let AnswerHero lend a helping hand by answering your phone calls.