Call Answering Services for Pest Control Companies

To a panicked homeowner, finding an ant infestation in the kitchen or mouse droppings in the basement feels like an emergency. The homeowner doesn’t want to live with pests in the house, so the sooner a pest control company can be reached, the better.

You’d be happy to take care of the homeowner’s problem, but you can’t sit by the phone waiting for a call. Instead, you must devote your full attention to your other customers. What you need is a pest control call answering service that can staff your phones.

Pest Control After-Hours Call Answering Services

When homeowners are anxious to have their pest problems resolved, it’s not uncommon for them to find a list of local exterminator services and start calling one after another until a live person is reached. Callers who reach your voicemail often hang up instead of leaving a message. Rather than waiting for a callback, they want to talk to a reassuring voice right away.

Your business success depends on catching their calls so you can grow your customer base. AnswerHero’s fully bilingual live call answering services ensure that you can capture those new leads without having to wait by the phone to take a call. Your potential customers will breathe a sigh of relief when our friendly, professional team members answer their calls.

Provide Answers Right Away With Pest Control Call Answering

A complete pest control call answering service does more than just take messages. A service that only does that is not much better than a voicemail system.

At AnswerHero, we pride ourselves on being able to help your callers right away. We do take messages and also:

  • Book appointments.
  • Direct urgent calls to you.
  • Do live translation if needed.
  • Can do appointment confirmation calls
  • and a host of other things. Check our services page for the full list.

By providing bilingual call answering services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we’re always there to help your customers through their pest control crises. While you eliminate pests, our AnswerHero team will reassure your callers and book set-up appointments for your extermination services so you never need to lose a lead when you can’t get to the phone.