Call Answering Services For Realtors

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Why would real estate agents want to use call answering services?

Thanks to the internet, prospective home buyers can do a lot of the research themselves. They can find properties in the desired location and look at everything from price to neighborhood statistics to prior selling prices and so much more. What this means for realtors, is that often when a call does come in, it’s because people have seen a property they like – and they want to ask questions or schedule a tour.

This means that you, as a real estate agent, need to make sure that you are capturing ALL possible leads. But:

  • Is it wise to answer your phone while showing clients a property?
  • Is it wise to let a call go to voicemail?

No, the best way to immediately establish a relationship with your prospective client is to have a real live friendly professional answer your call for you. They will:

  • Take down all the necessary information
  • Set up an appointment, and, most importantly
  • Start to establish a relationship of trust with your prospective client.

AnswerHero can help with all of that.

Don’t Miss Calls

Many real estate agents feel overwhelmed when a large volume of calls come in at once. They don’t want to miss a call because that could mean losing a potential client and sale.  AnswerHero can help.

We have team members who are fluent in Spanish and English to ensure that all of your urgent call answering needs are handled. This includes accurate message taking so that you’re able to follow up at your earliest convenience.

If you’ve been searching for a way to grow your business and move more properties, the answer is simple – you need a 24/7 answering service so that there’s always a friendly person greeting your potential clients once they decide they want to take their home buying or selling to the next level with your help.

Explore the Benefits

At AnswerHero, we offer a wide array of benefits. This ensures you get the services that you need, including a live message relay.
We offer:

  • Simple upfront pricing – You don’t have to guess on the cost of service.
  • 24/7/365 service – Ensure someone is always answering the phone, no matter when it might be.
  • No contracts – Continue the service for as long as you wish and cancel at any time with no penalty
  • No setup fees – Avoid the hidden fees and get started right away
  • Free summary report – Get all the details of who is calling and when

Read more about how AnswerHero can make a difference for your real estate business today.

“You can always count on our 100% bilingual services.”

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