Virtual Receptionists for Hurricane Season

The destructive forces at work during hurricane season can leave people in need of disaster recovery, insurance advice, and other important services.

  • After a hurricane or tropical storm, services and other companies may become overwhelmed with incoming calls.
  • Panicked property owners call to report damages to their land or buildings.
  • People request appointments to discuss repairs and restoration.

When disaster hits, AnswerHero will be ready and waiting to help you help your business and your customers with the recovery process. Our virtual receptionists will skillfully handle the calls that come to your business during hurricane season.

  • Disasters can strike around the clock. With 24-hour answering, we manage the phones whenever a call comes in.
  • We are prepared to handle urgent calls and will respond to emergencies according to your directions.
  • We set appointments for you to meet with clients. By using your calendar, we can make sure to book times that work for you.
  • With bilingual answering services, we can provide assistance to both your English- and Spanish-speaking callers.
  • Even if your phone lines are down, your clients can still reach your business through the AnswerHero team.

Don’t let Hurricane season flood your business with more calls than you are prepared to handle. Let AnswerHero take care of your phones, and you can focus on keeping safe and doing what needs to be done.

Choosing the Right Answering Service

With the capacity to accept multiple calls, AnswerHero can handle the volume of calls that come in during or after a disaster. We greet each call with a friendly, comforting, live voice.

Callers don’t want to get a busy signal or a recorded message. They need immediate assistance.

AnswerHero answers your phones around the clock. Immediate answering gives stressed callers the comforting assurance that they need.

AnswerHero Can Help

Hurricane season requires that clients be able to get a hold of businesses and service providers in a speedy fashion. During a storm, callers might need to get a message through urgently. We handle urgent calls in the manner that you specify. After a storm, callers want to speak to a live representative right away. Day or night, AnswerHero is there to answer your phones.

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