How an After Hours Answering Service Can Increase Your Sales

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An after-hours answering service ensures your customers still have someone to talk to after your business closes for the day. There are all sorts of benefits to having a 24-hour answering service, including much higher sales rates. Customers will appreciate that there is always someone to talk to, to answer their questions or help them purchase a product. Our guide will explain exactly how an answering service can help improve your sales.

After Hours Answering Services Provide a Personal Touch

One of the best things about a responsive answering service for after-hours customers is simply that it lets your customers talk to a person. Marketing research indicates that people almost always prefer to talk to a human instead of an automated answering system. Even if the answering service is just taking a message like an answering machine would, talking to a live agent leaves your client in a better mood.

Every time a customer calls your company and gets in touch with a real person, they have the opportunity for a beneficial customer service interaction. This is very helpful in sales since a high sales rate often depends on customers’ emotions and feelings. After talking to a person, the prospective customer ends up feeling like your company actually cares about them. The personal touch helps improve your brand’s reputation. Instead of seeing you as some impersonal corporation, customers will feel like you are a reliable and trustworthy friend.

24 Hour Answering Service Lets the Sales Keep Going After You Close

In some cases, a responsive answering service can make sales for you. Not all companies will have the types of services that allow for after-hour sales. However, if you have customers placing relatively straightforward and simple orders, your after-hours call center may be able to take orders for you. Highly trained answering agents may be able to assist customers with requesting refills or placing orders.

This lets you increase your sales volume directly. Since customers have more options to place sales, you end up with higher amounts of sales. After-hours answering companies can mean that customers can order whenever it is convenient for them. Any time a customer thinks about ordering from you, your answering service can be there to finalize the sale. A customer who can only place sales at unconventional times may choose to work with you instead of competitors because your business is available to take orders at the right time.

Customers Can Get Helpful Information From the After Hours Call Center

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A great thing about a responsive answering service is that you can provide a script for agents to learn. After taking the time to learn your script, agents have a lot of opportunities to assist customers. A 24-hour answering service can help customers with questions the customers might have about your products, and this can translate to more sales for you. Your answering service can tell people about things like order volume, product color, delivery time, special deals, and more.

A customer who is thinking about buying your product might be more likely to place an order after talking with an agent. Even though after-hours answering services are not usually staffed with salespeople, customers can still get the motivation to make a purchase. For example, a customer who is uncertain about what size of product they need could get helpful information from the after-hours call center. This could then motivate them to go ahead and place an order online, so you make sales without ever being open.

After Hours Answering Services Can Schedule Call Backs

An answering service can take note of customers who try to call you after hours. You can then use these logs to arrange follow-up with interested customers. For customers who want to speak to a specific employee, the answering service can go ahead and take a message or schedule another call. Scheduling callbacks is very helpful in modern times when most people will not answer a phone call without knowing who is on the other end.

Even if customers do not directly ask to get another call, the answering service can still let you know who is thinking about ordering your product. This gives your trained salespeople the opportunity to call later and seal the deal. As research shows, callbacks can be a great way to improve sales rates. By talking to a customer multiple times, you ensure that your company is the first one they think of when trying to get a product.

As you can see, a 24/7 answering service helps customers feel like you care about their business. Do you think this sort of answering center could help you? If you would like better sales, AnswerHero is here to help. Contact us now to start your free seven-day trial.

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