How an Answering Service Can Benefit You During Hurricane Season

If you have a business that specializes in storm damage repair, your customers may need to get your attention beyond normal service hours. This is especially true from June through November, the time of year known as hurricane season. A cost-effective way to remain available to respond to urgent customer requests is by using a reliable answering service.

Improved Customer Service

Nearly 60 percent of customers prefer to call a business to talk to a real person, according to one marketing survey. Even if there are no immediate signs of damage to a home or business, talking to an actual person can provide some much-appreciated reassurance for a customer. Increasing your availability beyond regular business hours for emergency situations can also improve your reputation for providing responsive customer service.

Quickly Assessing Storm Damage

With sustained winds that can range anywhere from 74 mph to 160 mph, hurricanes can cause instant damage to structures. Even low-intensity storms can snap branches and uproot unstable trees, which can cause damage to a nearby home or business. Understandably, customers who are dealing with some type of damage to their home or business after any type of hurricane often need an immediate response to at least assess the situation.

Common Types of Hurricane-Related Damage Include:

• Cracks or signs of wear on exterior walls
• Broken windows or doors
• Clogged gutters or storm drains
• Roof punctures or blown-off shingles
• Missing or damaged HVAC parts, especially outside components

Services Offered

AnswerHero can help your business weather the storms by providing answering services when you are busy or can’t take calls. In addition to 24-hour answering and urgent call answering, we also offer call routing and transfer so homeowners can be connected directly to one of your employees. Services are provided in Spanish and English for your added convenience. See more.

The Attention Your Customers Deserve

Maintaining an office staff around the clock to deal with the emergencies that arise in the aftermath or during storms and hurricanes can be costly and impractical. This is why AnswerHero provides 24/7/365 service that can be tailored to your specific needs. With no setup fees, no contracts, and no holiday fees, our services can easily work within your budget.

AnswerHero keeps you connected to your customers should the unexpected happen. Check out our 24/7 answering service options.

Don’t wait to put a plan in place.  Act now for peace of mind.  We are ready to answer any questions and help you determine what is the right service plan for you.