In the barbershop

Call Answering Services For Hair Salons

It’s a situation that most hairdressers have faced: You’re shampooing a client’s hair and the phone rings. There’s no one else around to answer it. Do you rinse and dry your hands so you can answer it, or do you let it go to voicemail? If you answer, your client will be left waiting. If…
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happy humans

Three Steps to Happier Employees

The success of any growing company is dependent on the success of its individual employees. It’s easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day details of management and client interactions, that you may find yourself assuming your employees are just as motivated and engaged as you are. That’s a dangerous assumption! Follow these three…
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customer service

Putting Your Patients First

When you have a medical center that caters to the sick and injured, you have to be available to them whenever they need you. This means providing assistance during the day or throughout the night. If you don’t supply the right amount of staff for your medical center’s daily call volume, you run the risk…
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Clock money white icon

How Much Money Are You Losing While You Work? Read This Before You Clock In Again.

When Potential Customers Call Your Business, They Want To Talk To A Real Person. You call customer service and instead of a live person, you’re passed around the automated message system. The voice recognition feature keeps misinterpreting your answers, no matter how clearly you speak. You get louder and louder but the computer on the…
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friendly female helpline operator

Virtual Receptionists

Receptionists play a vital role in a company’s overall performance. Virtual receptionists provide all of the benefits of a traditional receptionist at a fraction of the cost. Virtual receptionists are professional, well-trained, and offer several advantages over traditional receptionists. 24/7 Availability Reliability Bilingual Capabilities Cost Advantage Virtual receptionists are a proven commodity. They can do…
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Tips for delivering the best Customer Service

Tips for Delivering the Best Customer Service on the Phone

Why is Great Customer Service Important? Customer service professionals know too well that the customer is always right—even when they’re wrong. In today’s business world, the customer’s experience should always be the number one priority, no matter what industry you’re in. Customer loyalty comes as a direct result of feeling valued and appreciated, so it’s…
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