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Tips for Forwarding Calls to an Answering Service

Making the choice to use answering services and/or call centers may be the smartest business decision your company makes all year. However, many new business express concerns regarding the forwarding of calls to their answering services. This article discusses many common methods of call forwarding. Defining Call Forwarding Call forwarding, also referred to as call…
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Call routing center

Communication Etiquette

As a professional representing a company, it is your job to take note of proper form in all your messages with clients. There may be a few days throughout the year when you feel that you simply do not want to deal with your more difficult clients. You still must find a way to appear…
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Tornadoes and How Call Answering Services Can Help

Call answering services provide a valuable aspect of protecting the public during disasters. These types of facilities exist for the purpose of connecting individuals who are trying to reach businesses with employees who are trained to take care of whatever problem the caller is experiencing. More often than not, call answering services base their very…
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Call Answering Service For Holidays

Many customers using an answering service for holiday incoming calls find this to be a very helpful resource. Live operators answer all the many customer requests from Christmas through the New Year allowing many business owners much needed downtime. Due to the many duties a business owner must fulfill at all times of the year,…
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How Your Company Can Use Call Center Services in a Natural Disaster

With the threats associated with global warming on the rise, the intensity of storms and other natural disasters is on the rise, and studies show they are expected to continue to increase in frequency. As a result, an influx in customer service calls made by victims on the path to recovery has been experienced. During…
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How Call Center Answering Services Work

Most jobs allow professionals to only work during certain hours. Most office work, for example, can be done during a typical workday. For some fields, however, there may be a demand for service at unusual hours. Doctors, for example, often have to be on call to help patients who are dealing with medical problems at…
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