Why the Human Voice is Your Most Powerful Business Tool


Email makes it possible to quickly connect with customers from anywhere in the world. While this is very convenient, it is nothing like talking to a person on the phone. Making a personal, verbal connection allows customers to feel like they are getting individualized attention. They are able to ensure their concerns are voiced with accuracy and are being taken care of in a timely manner.

Providing Stellar Customer Service

The key to customer satisfaction is giving them individualized attention. 24-hour answering services allow customers to get the attention they deserve whenever they need it the most. Simply knowing that a company is willing to make contact at any time can be enough to persuade a customer to contact you directly about their concerns, rather than voicing their disappointment on social media.

Accuracy Allows for Clarity

One of the biggest problems of working with email is that you don’t always understand the context of each sentence. For example, sarcasm is very rarely picked up on in an email because it is written in the same tense. There is no fluctuation in email or chat to tell us that a person is being sarcastic or feels a certain emotion.

Speaking with a person directly allows customers and representatives to pick up on these subtle tones. Because bilingual phone services are also available, you don’t have to worry about anything getting “lost in translation.” This allows you to provide accurate care to each customer.

Resolve Problems Faster

Time is very important with customer service. Being able to resolve disputes quickly can help you strengthen your brand and reduce the odds of getting a negative review. This starts with having a phone service. Rather than waiting for emails to get organized, typed and sent, customers can call and get their answers within seconds. Urgent call answering services help your customer connect to a representative when they need you the most.

While email can be a great tool that helps you connect with customers, it doesn’t always have the same impact as a telephone call would. AnswerHero allows you to establish a 24-hour bilingual call center for your company quickly and easily. To learn more about the impact phone conversations can have on your business, please contact us today.

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