Live Call Answering Services for Jewelry Makers

Jewelry makers fill their hands with wires and pliers, beads and baubles. These tools and trinkets are all part of the process of making beautiful wearable art. Unfortunately, they don’t leave much room in the hands for holding a phone as well.

AnswerHero’s virtual assistants can save you the trouble of trying to juggle a telephone as beads scatter across the table and jump rings go flying through the air. Our team of professional receptionists can handle your calls so that your attention can stay focused on your art.

Around-the-Clock Call Answering

No matter when your customers call, AnswerHero can take care of answering your phone line.

  • Did you stay up late crafting a new piece? Our team will take your morning calls so you can catch up on rest.
  • Do your customers call on the weekend to place orders? We’ll speak to them while you man your craft show booths.
  • Do calls come in after your regular hours? We’ll answer them so you can enjoy your time off.

At AnswerHero, we pride ourselves on offering 24/7/365 service without any hidden fees or holiday surcharges. Every day of the year, we are ready to greet your callers with a friendly, professional voice.

Services That Meet Your Needs

A voicemail system can record messages, but that’s about all it can do. AnswerHero’s team of professionals can do so much more than that.

Our virtual receptionists can:

  • Book appointments for visits to your showroom.
  • Take RSVPs for crafting classes or seminars.
  • Record detailed messages for you to view in your preferred format – SMS text, fax or email – at your convenience.

Small business owners often feel pulled in multiple directions, but AnswerHero’s team can help you build a reputation as a trustworthy, dependable jewelry maker who’s always there for your customers.