When a Real Person Answers the Phone


Customer service is one of the most important aspects of running a company. These days many companies may be tempted to forego real people answering phones at their company in an attempt to save money. Although interactive voice response (IVR) technology has been able to save time and money, it lessens the customer experience with a company over the long term. Here are a few reasons that call answering services are worth investing in.

Customer Care

One of the most important factors for success when running a company is the customer service that is provided. Many companies do not do a good job of helping their customers in a time of need. Many companies have resorted to IVR technology instead of having a live person answer the phone. It is no longer cost-effective in the eyes of many company leaders to pay a person to answer the phone when automated technology can do the same thing. The cost savings may be obvious in the short term, but any business owner needs to think very carefully about the long-term impact of such a decision.  The fact is that most people consider the facts when making their decisions but then without consciously thinking about it, they let their feelings dictate their final choice.  If a customer feels that a company is impersonal and does not care enough about its customers, you can bet that such a person will most likely migrate their business to a company that does offer that human touch. Ask anyone and they will tell you that talking to a machine is an exercise in frustration. Most people know all too well that feeling when you keep pressing 0 so that you can get the operator and speak to a real person.

Long Term Results

Having a live person answer the phone can go a long way to delivering long-term results for a company. Many customers are more loyal to a company that pays to have a live person answer the phone. There are even call answering services that can outsource the service if a company does not want to pay a full-time employee to answer phones. A company that wants to have a loyal customer base should consider investing in such a service. Although it may cost more money in the short term, over the long term it will be a value-added investment in the company. This is an opportunity for many companies to stand out from their competition.