Missed Calls Business Effect

How can Missing Calls Affect and Benefit your Small Business

You are sitting in your office, going through important files, following up on a client, in a deep concentration state. Suddenly the phone rings, it’s a potential new customer that needs you. You have two options: a quick answer without paying much attention to that new business possibility or putting down anything you are working…
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Beautiful Smiling Woman With Headphones Using Computer While Counseling at Call Center

How an After Hours Answering Service Can Increase Your Sales

An after-hours answering service ensures your customers still have someone to talk to after your business closes for the day. There are all sorts of benefits to having a 24-hour answering service, including much higher sales rates. Customers will appreciate that there is always someone to talk to, to answer their questions or help them…
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A Woman Press Number on Telephone and Response on the Phone

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Phone Answering Service

Congratulations! Your business is growing and you are looking into hiring an answering service to keep up with the demand. Choosing top-rated answering services among the options available can be a challenge and there are some mistakes you’ll want to avoid to guarantee you’re partnered with the best organization possible.  Look Out For These Pitfalls…
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