Snow Removal Truck

Call Answering Services for Ice and Snow Removal

Winter is a busy time for your snow removal business. When a storm hits, you are called upon to clear roads, driveways, and parking lots of ice and snow. No one wants ice or snow to keep them homebound. When the ground is covered, your customers want to schedule your removal services as soon as…
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Caucasian woman holding shopping bags outdoor

Call Answering Services for E-Commerce Retailers

It’s a great time to be an e-commerce retailer. You can turn a profit by selling items online, and you don’t have to maintain a large sales floor. Additionally, you can save on staffing costs by not hiring salespeople. Of course, there are still times when customers will want to have personal contact with a…
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Call Answering Services for Event Coordinators

As an events coordinator, you are responsible for helping clients’ big days go off without a hitch. You don’t want to let them down, but in the days leading up to the event, you may feel pulled in a hundred different directions. It may feel as if your phone never stops ringing. How can you…
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Call Answering Services for Florists

If you are a florist, then you are no stranger to the phone ringing off the hook, especially during holidays. You can let the calls go to voicemail but consider that a new client who receives excellent service now can become a client for the rest of the year as they remember that there is…
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Man photographed sunset near the pier

Bilingual Call Answering Services for Photographers

Photographers capture important memories for families and friends. They take photos, edit them, and share them with clients. As a photographer, you must balance managing office responsibilities and working one-on-one with clients. When AnswerHero handles your phone calls, you can spend more time with clients without worrying that you’re neglecting essential duties. AnswerHero is the…
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a bunch of keys

Answering Services for Locksmiths

As a locksmith, you may be responsible not only for rekeying locks and opening car doors but also for fielding phone calls and setting appointments. AnswerHero’s virtual receptionists can put you ahead of the competition. While you are on a service call, we will take care of answering your phones so you never miss a client.…
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