a bunch of keys

Answering Services for Locksmiths

As a locksmith, you may be responsible not only for rekeying locks and opening car doors but also for fielding phone calls and setting appointments. AnswerHero’s virtual receptionists can put you ahead of the competition. While you are on a service call, we will take care of answering your phones so you never miss a client.…
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a random house in the countryside

Lead Capturing for Landscaping Businesses

  Many landscaping companies have a website where potential customers can find out information about services, but the website is often used as an online brochure only. In the cooler months, you need a way to capture leads for your landscaping business, so you can have work through the slower months. This can be done…
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Message-Taking for Photographers

You’ve worked hard to advertise your photography skills and build your clientele. Don’t let missing calls while conducting shoots lose you clients – the professionals at AnswerHero can help. As a premier answering service, we provide the best customer service in the industry when taking your messages and directing your calls. What Do We Do? As…
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Wedding planer

Lead Capturing for Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are in-demand professionals who are organizational and planning wizards who walk their clients through the most important days of their lives. The work of a wedding planner begins long before the day of the wedding itself. They start months in advance scheduling, meeting with vendors, hiring photographers and booking the venue. With all…
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A sea of candles

24 Hour Answering Service for Funeral Homes

Losing a loved one is a trying time, and even more challenging is trying to take care of logistics while in mourning. When loved ones call the funeral home, they should be able to speak with a person who will have compassion instead of having to leave a voicemail. However, it’s not always possible for…
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imaginary office

Live Answering Services for IT Companies

Technical problems can be some of the hardest to deal with. Most of them can’t be explained within a few minutes or don’t have simple solutions. When customers call tech support hotlines and only hear a recording, it can be very frustrating, as it doesn’t always address the problem at hand. If you are an…
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