Hurricanes: Finding the Opportunity in the Crisis

No doubt, a hurricane is a force to be reckoned with. It can cost a business thousands in damages and lost revenue but believe it or not… a hurricane also represents an opportunity for most, if not all businesses to make money.  Experts estimate that 2017’s Hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused up to $200 billion in damages. When…
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Call Answering Service for Medical Professionals

In an emergency, a doctor is often the first person that people turn to. Day or night, people expect to be able to access medical help. As a medical professional, you might find that you need to staff your phones 24/7. AnswerHero can make that happen. 24/7/365 Service Keeping a staff member in your medical…
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Real estate, mortgage loans and paperwork

Virtual Receptionists for Property Managers

Property managers often have a lot on their plates, from fielding maintenance calls from tenants to responding to inquiries from clients. A cost-effective way for a property manager or property management firm to handle calls is to hire a virtual receptionist. It’s a move that can easily boost your reputation as a property manager while…
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writing notes

Call Answering Service for Project Managers

You’re a busy project manager, and you have many responsibilities on your plate. These may include developing budgets, coordinating the efforts of various team members, and making sure that everything gets done on time. Answering the phone can sometimes lead to feelings of being constantly interrupted. Of course, many of the calls that come to…
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Cat Check-Up

Call Answering Services for Veterinarians

From questions about grooming to emergency situations when something is swallowed or an accident occurs, there are many reasons why a pet owner may need to get a hold of a veterinarian. Missing after-hours calls can mean losing potential new clients to competitors or harming the trust that your current clients place in you. By…
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Man Communicating With Female Receptionist

Top 4 Reasons for Medical Practices to Use a Call Answering Service

A typical medical office is a busy place where many different activities are taking place, from patients arriving for appointments to administrative work that needs to be done to ensure records are up-to-date. Throw in the responsibility of answering phone calls and taking messages and you can see how running a medical office efficiently can…
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